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Actor, Playwright, Dancer, Costume Designer, Swordfighter, Acorn Enthusiast 


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Kat Gallo (They/Them) is a New York based theater artist with a love for all things fantastical and queer. As an actor, writer and costume designer, they love building new pieces from the ground up, and being involved in as many areas of development as possible. 

When not doing theatre things™, Kat can be found sewing vaguely historical garments, collecting acorns, and obsessing over whatever piece of media their brain has latched onto recently.

(currently: Dimension 20)

Kat hopes to create theater that makes audience members feel like they are truly part of the story being told. This may be literally, by creating experiences that bridge the worlds of theatre and live action roleplay (LARP), or emotionally, by continuing to tell emotionally vulnerable stories that tackle themes of neurodivergency, queerness, and childhood.

Current Projects: Immersive storytelling as Quest Director at Camp Daring Girls Brooklyn and Dance Director at the New York Renaissance Faire 2024

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